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Air Purifier

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House Series

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Humidifier air cleaner

Ion density 100,000/cm³
Comfort level ******

Ion density 60,000/cm³
Comfort level *****

Ion density 10,000/cm³
Comfort level ****

Ion density 600/cm³
Comfort level ***

Ion density 300/cm³
Comfort level **

Ion density 100/cm³
Comfort level *

Suggesting ion desity level above 50,000 ions per cc healthy life
Since 2002, We integrate in R&D, production, sale and service. Integration Ozone, Ozone generators, ozone disinfector, air purifier, automobile air purifier, Multi functional humidifiers, USB computer air purifier, Our factory has obtained the ISO9001, UL, CQC, TUV and CE certificates. Products are completely suitable for ROHS environment protection standards.

We manufacture excellent products with advance clean ability and rich experience. The products Also offer to many well known companies, such as Panasonic, Media, Gree and Car mate.

The prices and quality are both competitive and with our perfect Store management, QC control, logistics system. Please contact us for long term business cooperation.
Air Purifier Water Cleaner OEM ODM
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